As an early proponent of joining private sector investors to the field of microfinance, Cordiant has consistently demonstrated its respect for, and commitment to, the people and communities that form the backbone of the markets in which we operate. We are committed to investments that uphold high standards of business integrity and honesty. We believe that our portfolios have been strengthened by integrating environmental, social and governance analysis into our rigorous due diligence process. Given the long-term nature of our investments, the stability of our returns over the last decade is a testament to the effectiveness of this approach.

By identifying problems that could arise during the lifetime of an investment and engaging with investee companies to resolve them, investment risk is mitigated. Moreover, local communities profit from sustainable industries in their midst and all of the ensuing economic benefits like job creation and improved infrastructure.



Cordiant is a signatory of

An investor initiative in partnership with UNPRI and the UN Global Compact.