Investment Strategies

Cordiant currently has five investment strategies:

I.  Diversified Global Funds:

Cordiant III, IV and V have invested in senior-secured, collateral-rich, floating rate loans in Cordiant’s core industries and markets

II.  Agricultural Pre-Export Finance:

This strategy is a sub-set of the global diversified fund strategy and offers investors exposure to senior-secured agricultural loans backed by first lien mortgages and substantial collateral. These USD loans are repaid offshore and off-takers include some of the largest blue chip agricultural houses in the world.

III. Telecoms

This strategy is a subset of the global diversified fund strategy. It focuses on mobile towers, fibre, data centres and the telecoms support ecosystem in Europe (particularly in emerging Europe).

IV.  Transportation

Cordiant VI was a tactical opportunities strategy that focused on purchasing the loans of transport borrowers known to Cordiant in the secondary market. This specialised strategy generated an IRR of more than 20%.


Cordiant manages this infrastructure fund on behalf of the German development bank KfW.