Launch of Cordiant Emerging Loan Fund III

Montreal, QC – March 7, 2007: Cordiant, a leading manager of emerging market private equity and debt funds, today announces the launch of the Cordiant Emerging Loan Fund III. The Fund, with a target size of $500 million, will be comprised of a diversified pool of emerging market private sector loans. Cordiant’s investment objective is to generate superior risk-adjusted returns by partnering with world-class institutions while providing an additional level of due diligence on all portfolio investments. The result is cost effective access to emerging market assets and increased portfolio diversification for investors.

Cordiant has received $940 million in subscriptions since inception and has a solid five-year track record which includes over 100 investments in 30 emerging countries. Cordiant manages the highly successful global emerging market debt portfolios IFPT ’01 and IFPT ’04, and is co-manager of the Canada Investment Fund for Africa, a private equity fund providing risk-capital to commercially viable businesses throughout the African continent.

For further information:
David G. Creighton President and CEO
Cordiant Capital Inc.
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